Your tenants
want a community.

Let them build one.

gathr is a social events app that helps residents in high-rise apartment buildings build communities.
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gathr is about belonging. More than ever, this generation of renters wants to feel community in the places they live, work, and play. Heavy urbanization and digitization have turned socialization formillennial and Gen-Z into passive social media scrolling.

Recent years have seen a major rise in co-working and co-living spaces, flag shipped by the We Company. Community-oriented spaces continue to capture market share, and conventional property managers have struggled to keep up.

gathr helps residents build community themselves. The app provides an in-building social event feed for residents to host and attend small group socials around the building. Home-cooked dinners, board game nights, NFL watch parties, and everything in between.
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Product Features

7x your Tenant Retention

Event Feed
A feed where your tenants can see social gatherings around the building.
Event Messaging
Each event gets a temporary group chat to help tenants communicate.
Friend Lists
Residents can stay in touch after events through in-app friending.

Community Plays Key Role in Apartment Decision

Residents who are friends with their building neighbors are 7x more likely to re-sign their leases. Community is not just an added benefit, it is becoming a required amenity to retain the new generation of renters.

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Millennials and Gen-Z Value Social Connection

That's because we're living in the loneliest era in human history. Heavy urbanization and digitization have eroded social bonds. More than ever, this generation wants to feel like they belong.

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In-building social feed.

Connect with your neighbors through a secure in-building social events feed. Each building gets a code that the property manager distributes to tenants.

Build a community.

Stay in touch with your new friends by adding them in the app. Let them know whenever you're hosting your own events.